Engage Your Target Audience and Foster Trust

Communicate Your Brand Purpose and Demonstrate Your Expertise

Engage Your Target Audience and Foster Trust

Communicate Your Brand Purpose and Demonstrate Your Expertise

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As more companies turn to online marketing and compete on digital platforms, many businesses also struggle to gain traction for their brand and stay ahead of the curve. Showcase your industry knowledge and rise above this saturated digital marketplace through effective content writing and consistent content marketing efforts.
Content writing is the process of mapping out ideas and developing website content that meets search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines. Websites require quality SEO content to best represent their brand or services. If you want your site to showcase your positive brand image and achieve your sales goals, you must produce descriptive, original, understandable and SEO friendly content.
But not only that: You should also enhance your content marketing efforts to capture your audience’s attention and move prospects through your sales funnel.
| 810 million websites use WordPress as of 2023, making it the easiest, reliable, cost-effective and largest used CMS in the world.
810 million WEBSITES USE WORDPRESS making it the easiest, reliable, cost-effective and largest used CMS in the world AS OF 2023

| 810 million websites use

as of 2023, making it the easiest, reliable,

cost-effective and largest used CMS in the world.

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Our content strategy agency provides you with a dedicated content marketing specialist whom you can regularly contact to give instructions, check on your content marketing strategy development, ask questions and request any revisions you’d like to see on your SEO content. Fill us in on your ideal consumer and how you want them to feel when they visit your site and start reading the content. Thrive can even develop personas of your targeted clients.
Our team of project managers, WordPress developers and creative designers all work collectively to deliver your project successfully, communicating with you at every milestone to keep you informed and up to speed.

SEO Keyword Research and Market Analysis

Once our content marketing specialist has identified your SEO content marketing pain points and SEO content expectations, we then move on to market analysis and SEO keyword research. Our content writer works closely with SEO experts to perform thorough keyword research and SEO keyword analysis and build your SEO keyword strategy. We also conduct industry analysis, competitor benchmarking and content analysis to create a strong foundation for your digital content strategy.
You won’t be able to generate leads from content unless it is optimized to answer queries and add value to users, no matter how well your content ranks on search engine result pages.

SEO Content Strategy Development

Our content writing agency uses the SEO keyword analysis report and market research results to formulate your content plan. In this phase, our content expert brainstorms with other digital marketing specialists to create your website content brief, identify the primary, secondary and tertiary keywords that will be used throughout your SEO content and establish a clear direction in developing website content.
If they make unrealistic promises that sound too good to be true, it is probably the case. It’s impossible to rank at the top of search engine result pages within a week, and professionals who make such claims will likely employ tactics that will cost you.
Go through as much content as you can before it is published to ensure that it is up to par and lives up to the standards of a high-quality SEO strategy.

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Develop Your Competitive Advantage and Reach Your Goals

To appeal to your ideal customers and create a robust relationship with them, you need a content marketing strategy that captures your customer persona and unique brand voice.

Create Consistent, High-Quality Content

Successful SEO content marketing doesn’t happen in a flash.

Retain Page Visitors

Great web content is a vital asset in keeping page visitors on your website and compelling them to sign up for your blog updates and come back for more.

Gain Better Traction

Having an SEO content strategy makes it easier for you to identify the topics you need to address in your website content.

Cultivate Brand Loyalty

A growth-driven website content plan allows you to write more useful online content for potential customers.

Save Time, Money and Resources

Your content marketing plan, you can ensure all your time, money and resources are strategically spent unlocking your website content’s full potential.

Avoid Google Penalty

To protect your website from Google penalties, you need white hat website content strategies that meet search engine standards.

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Our state of the art AI content researcher. Digs deeper than any other in existence. Comparing 100’s of different elements and scientific data sets. Unearthing the most valuable of data, that you did not even know existed. Which is then automatically written in to your articles. Giving you a massive advantage over your competition. Gaining both love and trust from the algorithms like never before. Increasing both your traffic and sales. Importantly, SEO copy-writing is no longer just about on topic wording, facts and length. To beat your competition and improve your quality score. You need so much more than that! And with Ai Contently SEO copy-writing service. You are getting it without even having to ask for it! This is why we are the leading content service by a golden mile!
SEO is among the most important marketing tools a company can employ. Creating high-quality search engine optimized content will generate leads and boost sales—both crucial for any enterprise’s long-term success.
We’ve Built More Than 200 WordPress Websites
We’ve Built More Than 200 WordPress Websites

Convert Page Visitors Into Paying Customers

Boost site speed and lock down the security of your WordPress website with our managed Sydney WordPress hosting service.
Build Brand Awareness
Your online content reinforces your brand message and communicates it across all digital channels.
Expand Your Customer Base
The key to consistent business growth is increasing your customer base.
Grow Your Online Authority
You need to publish credible web content to show prospects and customers you’re knowledgeable in various areas of your niche market.
Gain Higher Leads and Conversion Rates
With different content marketing SEO techniques you can turn these leads into cold, warm and hot prospects.
Earn Long-Term Revenue
If you can identify and address the information needs of your potential customers, you don’t only inspire trust, but you also build a loyal following that contributes to your brand’s long-term sustainability.
Get Better SEO Results
Search engines look for high-quality, unique web content that integrates keywords naturally and provides informational, emotional and entertainment value to online users.

Why Choose Bicol Online Marketing for blog post writing of Your Business?

We provide content marketing solutions that help businesses convey their brand message with clarity and confidence.

Fast Turnaround

Studies show publishing fresh, new website content two to four times a week provides the best results in terms of traffic and conversions. Save time producing web page and blog content at an efficient pace when you sign up for our SEO writing services. We determine your preferred timeline and set your expectations during our initial consultation to ensure we are on the same page regarding your content strategy and deadlines. Expect us to go above and beyond to produce quality SEO content within your target date.
Our company has a proven track record of delivering positive, long-term results for our clients through our web development and SEO services. Our SEO services are created to boost the visibility of your website, attract more specific visitors, and enhance your search engine rankings.

Professional SEO Content Writers

We confidently offer our clients SEO content services that meet the standards that a professional, high-quality website requires. We are a professional, personable content marketing service provider and we take the time to work closely with you to best communicate your site’s purpose. Our SEO content writing team enjoys the process of content writing and its practical application on websites – and our content quality reflects that commitment and desire for excellence.

Whether you’re looking to build a website from scratch or want to increase your organic traffic through search engine optimization, we have the expertise, tools, and experience to help you achieve your goals.

100% Unique, High-Quality Content

Content marketing is clearly a highly important part of any online strategy. That’s why at Thrive, we ensure you get content that’s optimized for search engines and your website visitors. We conduct extensive research and perform thorough editing and proofreading before submitting the final output to your team to ensure your SEO content is 100 percent unique and reflective of your brand. Our content specialists use state-of-the-art plagiarism checkers to guarantee your web content is authentic.

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Boost site speed and lock down the security of your WordPress website with our managed Sydney WordPress hosting service.

Frequently Asked Questions

A good web development company in Bicol should be able to create a website with a solid technical foundation, a user-friendly interface, and engaging content that is reinforced with the use of SEO.

Yes, whether you are in Bicol or any part of the Philippines, BOM is flexible of any kind of indunstries or niche.  Contact us to know more about our business: +63 992 7415 014

Even if we develop your entire website from scratch, you will still have complete control over it and are completely free to modify it to your liking. We suggest you consult with us before doing so, though.

Depending on the service package you avail from us, we can provide site maintenance and content generation for your website. Additional details about these services can be located on specific web pages on our website devoted to them.

The cost of a new website can vary greatly depending on the features and functionality you require. Basic websites can cost for as low as 10, 000 PHP to 50, 000 PHP, while more complex sites with custom designs, features, and integrations can cost 75, 000 PHP or more. It is best to book a call with web development company to get a more accurate estimate for your specific needs.